Web Design Trends Going Out of Style in 2014

I hope you already read our last blog with trends that have staying power in 2014. Now check out these trends that we think we fizzle out in the new year.

Extensive Forms

You must have already come across those long, tedious forms on websites that require you to enter a lot of information for just a quick sign up or a newsletter subscription. This is past – today’s users have a very short attention span and they also want to get things done fast. In 2014, we have to ask for less to ask for more.

Featured Sliders

Sliders above the fold were a great invention many years ago when the web was a lot different. Nowadays, when we’re talking about clean web designs, and things like Content is King, we just can’t afford to waste so much space for a featured slider that has little to no purpose.


Flash banners will probably never go, but those slowly-loading Flash-based websites or website intros must go. The content of websites built with Flash cannot be crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines and therefore have a very bad SEO rating. Not to mention that Apple doesn’t support Flash on their mobile devices. We can create almost anything in 2013 using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 — that means we have absolutely no need to use Flash anymore for our website designs.


These are some of the most anticipated changes to come in 2014. What do you expect the coming year to bring us?

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