What Does It Mean to Be A Designer?

What does being a designer mean to you? The answer is subjective and widely interpreted in lots of different ways to different people. But nearly everyone you meet says that it’s obvious what design is. They are often surprised to find that other people mean something different by design than they do. In other words, the frequently overused phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” can be said of design as well. There is no standard or rule of thumb in the design world. In fact, trying to describe the direction design takes can be near impossible in the moment. For most people, the better the idea, the harder to explain its origin because the idea often starts with the spark of a memory or a flash of an image.

In doing research on the concept of design, I came across these quotes from different people explaining what “design” means to them:

“To me design is the bringing together of the aesthetics, the ergonomics, the way the user will interact with the product, but also the broader picture about how people will make the device, assemble the device, repair it, maybe even dispose of it. So I think it’s a bringing together of all of the aspects of the process.”

“I have heard someone say that Design is that part of product development where you add value faster than you add cost. So it’s the point where you’re building a product and making it better for the end-user in ways that they’re willing to pay for, more quickly than the cost of that exercise involved. That sort of encompasses all of the ideas of making something beautiful, but suitably beautiful that someone wants to buy it, rather than excessively beautiful where you won’t get it out of the market. So it’s a very complex mix of business and, if you like, art, and of course the science and engineering of form and function of the product.”

“Design for me is about taking a technology and turning it into a product – something that people can use, something that the market needs, and something that is groundbreaking. Design is a process that makes it happen.”

These opinions came from a director of technology, an inventor, and a product designer. As you can see, design can be a noun, a verb and an adjective, all at the same time. It’s a fascinating concept.

To me, good design will make you think: why didn’t I think of that? It should be fresh – different from what has been done in the past. Of course, it helps that trends and opinions change with time, which is a continuous feed for a designer. Design as a whole is constantly shifting with technological and social progression, resulting in inspiration being drawn from all corners.

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